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15 Top Tips to combat writer's block

Writers block...wink wink. You too might have been in this moment where you're writing and you feel as though nothing will ever get in the way of this incredible movie making flow of vibrant inspirational word poetry. When you laugh at the mere idea of having writers block, "Ha as if that's going to happen to me! I've got this, I'm happy, life is great!" And then the feeling of nothing hits you. Blank blank blank and in a life or death situation you would indeed die in this moment, as all words on the face of this planet seem to have vanished far off into the galaxy with no expectation of ever coming back.

Then you have the very real chat with yourself, "Now what? Ok don't panic. The highly unrealistic deadline I set myself is only two weeks away and I still have a whole series of books to write. Hundreds of kids are waiting for these best selling books!!! Nothing like putting pressure on you're self! SOMEONE INSPIRE ME!!"

Well calm down, it's probably not hundreds but I like to think it is. When the need arrises for the kick up the backside, exaggeration takes control!

What do you do? You don't panic, that helps no one, especially those sharing a house with you!

These are my top tips!

1, I always start off with a prayer. "Lord, please inspire me today. Give me the words that you'd like me to write.....". Make your prayer your own.

2,Have a bath. I am always so thoughtful in the bath, in fact three of my books popped up just like that in the tub!

3, A long relaxing walk down the beach or through the woods. Nature has a beautiful way of speaking to us when we spend time with it.

4, Do something you've never done before, go skydiving, do a rolypoly.

5, Lie down on the floor and watch the world from a completely different perspective. Choose you're own spot or whatever way works for you.

6, Blast the classics out, imagine being a rose, in a garden. Lose yourself in the music and allow the notes to pick your words for you.

7, Play a word game with a few friends and try to create short stories from those words.

8, Have some fun and dress up like a unicorn for a day. Dressed like this, do your day to day activities, and see what happens. Hopefully it will have you laughing and stop you taking yourself to seriously.

9, Watch a movie. Movies can be so inspiring and lead you into worlds you'd forgotten.

10, Go people watching and start jotting ideas of where they might come from, where they are going, what pets they have, and others things like that.

11, Read a book from an author that inspires you.

12, Jump up and down on the spot singing a song that could be the start of your book.

13, Run into the sea as fast as you can and wake up that deep fried brain!

14, Create a beautiful environment to write in, a gorgeous view, a light bright space. Burn some scented candles, buy some pink blushing roses, make your space look pretty. Honestly this works for me most of the time!

15, Get comfy round a nice fire with some jazz music playing and melt away into the romance with words and a glass of wine.

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