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Looking into the unknown of becoming Self-Published or Published

This is a question I get asked a lot by new writers. Which is best? Self-published or published? Ahhh! Which road do you go down?? After the twists and turns, reading blog after blog, watching 15 youtube videos and phoning anyone you know who writes, you still feel like you have no idea of which is the best!

I shall save you lots of time and get straight to the point. There is no need to write pages on this!

The honest answer is, it's such a personal choice, which I believe ultimately depends on you as an author, your personality, goals and vision.

I chose to become self-published because I knew I could make it happen. This sounds simple, but I had to learn how to navigate my way through the process, knowing very little at the outset.

I later had a meeting with the head editor at Scholastic Publishing in London. She said I was doing the work of 20 of their staff and I should continue as I was doing such a great job. That blew me away!

Whilst I was really flattered by her praise, in reality I felt like I was treading water, whilst bashing my head against the walls of the social media swirl, trying to understand the ever-changing environment of how to get the book seen once it has been published. Although I laughed at the time thinking, "seriously?", two years later and I am now seeing the fruitful reward of being self-published.

What I will say, is if you like a challenge and feel you have a voice to be heard without limitations, maybe self-publishing is for you. There is such freedom to being self-published and if you have a wonderful message to share, there is no better time to get it out there than now!

The DOs of Self Publishing!

DO get a professional editor to edit your work, not just a mate, unless they are a pro. It's worth the money.