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Gracie spoke wonderfully at a Million Makers event in benefit of The Prince's Trust, and I can't imagine anyone else speaking! Gracie's speech was incredibly moving, and yet she still spoke humorously, captivating the entire audience. If you are looking for someone to speak at an event, look no further than Gracie. To have gone through what happened to her, and to have the courage to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people, cannot be underestimated. Thank you very much Gracie!

Jonathan Murphy - Atos- November 28th 2017

This is probably one of the most difficult recommendations I’ve ever written. It feels like no words can actually sum up just how powerful Gracie’s mission in life is and how inspiring her messages are. One of the first things you notice about Gracie is how positive she is and how much love for others she has. Her personal story is moving yet relatable. Her books are fun, speaking to both children and the child in all of us. She’s making a difference and changing the world in such a unique and poetic way. She has a vision for the future that can actually have the potential to impact countless lives.

Mark Page - TK MAXX - August 4th 2017

I had the opportunity to be in the audience at one of Gracie's motivational speeches. She was talking to a large church full of proud parents and grandparents with their well-deserving children/ grand children. The gathering is an annual event that brings together all the Primary Schools in the area and celebrates the children's' achievements. Gracie was speaking with such gratitude and insight that everyone in the room was touched by her words and her history. What a young lady.

 Mrs Trayner -School Teacher 14th June 2017

Gracie is brilliant, filled with grace, dignity, and beauty inside and out. She is a true champion!!!

Bill Johnson - Senior Pastor of Bethel Church 


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December 2017

In the spotlight with Gracie Wright Award-winning author and singer-songwriter Gracie has made a come back to the stage after taking a couple of years to reassess her writing style.

Gracie was invited to sing at this year’s Prince’s Trust regional awards in Norwich and gave a genuine heartfelt performance of her latest song ‘Deeper’.

“I then sang the new song called ‘Deeper’, which affirms breakthrough and overcoming. The chorus powerfully hits the air with affirmations of tearing all the lies down which we say over ourselves daily, that poison our purpose on earth. Which again I thought was perfect to sing over everyone of the incredible winners that have all overcome so much in life to be at the event. Here’s to fresh hope!”

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October 2017

Back to front and inside out, Silly Eric seems to be getting things wrong. But his mum loves him just the way he is.

This touching message forms the foundation for two children’s books published by Gracie Wright, a vibrant and dynamic young woman whose own pursuit of acceptance was recently acknowledged by The Princes Trust.

Proceeds of the books go to various children’s charities to help street children one of them being the Charity India Burn 24-7.

“Burn 24-7 is a grass roots worship movement formed by a community of believers across Christian denominations and ethnic boundaries, with the same desire to worship God,” she explains. “You worship the Lord round the clock. It’s based on Amos 9:11 and the Tabernacle of David where David built a resting place for the Lord to dwell and to see breakthrough, revival and healing.”

Burn 24-7 has been instrumental in Gracie’s own renewed passion for Christ, and healing for her back pain.

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July 2017

More and more older people are becoming mentors, helping younger people to make the best of their lives and finding a new sense of purpose in return.

‘As a mentor, you try not to get too emotionally involved,’ says Eleanor, ‘but I’ve worked with Gracie for a while and I’m thrilled at how much she’s achieved. Isn’t that what life’s about? Helping people? Whether it’s a friend, a colleague, a stranger or a mentee. What a sad world it would be if all we did was take, take, take.’

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