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Online Sunday School Teacher's Guide Homeschool Edition -Downloadable PDF


  • Filled With 7 Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Online Worship Songs
  • Narrated Video Stories Prayers & Affirmations
  • Fun Games
  • Puppet Crafts
  • Dance Activity
  • Take-Home Activations
  • Why not add-on a CHURCH MEDIA PACK with Welcome Videos, Certificates & Awards. (sold separately) 


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and in just seven days the world was formed so perfectly. For the rest of our lives, we will talk in awe and wonder over its design. Silly Eric’s 7 Days of Creation is a seven-week curriculum that gives you tools and activations to teach your children how to connect with Father God about everyday life questions. 


Through these seven weeks, your children will learn to hear the voice of Father God and be given tools that will last a lifetime. 


Lessons will include how to:

  • Understand the power of their words and authority
  • Discover friendship with Father God
  • Create an easy conversation with Father God 
  • Develop positive affirmations for themselves and others 


Silly Eric is packed full of goodies! It includes playing exciting games, making puppets, building a Shadow Box Theatre and singing life-giving songs designed especially for this curriculum

Each week the children will learn about a day of creation with a fun take-home activity! Your children will finish up on the seventh week by giving an amazing performance to their parents with their Shadow Box Theatre.


This curriculum will help you powerfully transform your children’s ministry to connect with the heart of Father God from the youngest of ages.




“I wish I would have had a book like Silly Eric’s 7 Days of Creation when I was a child. It would have helped me understand the story of creation in a friendly way without it being religious.” - Brandon Mattless, Illustrator


Follow Silly Eric’s many adventures with Father God


(We have made this on the online pack to help save trees and care for the environment)

HOMESCHOOL Edition - Silly Eric's 7 Days Of Creation Teachers Guide & Storybook

SKU: HS-978-1838020538
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