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The animals of Oasis Zoo are excited for a new arrival due! 

Who will it be the animals ask? They await to see the mystery unmasked. 

Hoping to welcome a friendly face, the grumpiest Leopard comes into their space. 

With vocal opinions it causes a feud, they persistently shout “That Leopard is so rude!”.


Impala is brave and she tries her best, to befriend the rude Leopard, meeting her test. 


Join the story of the Leopard’s healing, it may help you or a stranger’s feelings! 


For ages 2 to 8 and even older ;) 


Pre-Order Steve’s new book today and it will arrive to you by the 1st of September 2021.

New arrival by author Steve Day. 

That Leopard Is So Rude

SKU: 978-1-8380205-9-0
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