Bringing together the much loved and adored Silly Eric books! 


These books are life-affirming, easy to read, fun, silly and teach kids how to treat others in their community with love! Most of all they share with children that they are loved just the way they are! 


Silly Eric - When Eric is shown by his mum that even when he gets things the wrong way round, his mum loves him just the way he is. 

Silly Eric Never Gives Up - When Eric has a hard day at school with his tests but keeps trying and learns how to never give up.

Silly Eric's Countdown to Christmas - When Eric makes amazing gifts for his family and goes out into the community to help people in need.


Get your hands on the Silly Eric collection with this CHRISTMAS!


For children aged 2-7.


Please note that we care about your safety and the products are packaged whilst wearing gloves.

Early Birdy Christmas Bundle




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    Photographs by Amy Kiuchi
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