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Award-Winning Author, Mama & Singer-Songwriter 


Hello I'm Gracie, I was born to be a mother. 

But before I found myself swaddling my little bundle of joy in my arms, I had to walk through a concrete jungle of obstacles, fly traps, poison ivy, car accidents and then a rhythm of broken notes that would eventually turn into songs. Where ones faith is beaten until you either fly or fight! 

Then I had a life-changing encounter in the kitchen with the presence of God, ”You will win awards for your children's books and stand next to royalty" 

Two years later, I was standing next to King Charles, as he handed me an award for my first children's book, 'Silly Eric'.

God has an amazing way of turning all that was meant to harm us into good. My story is one of overcoming and never giving up! I've been able to share my story with thousands of children and adults, inspiring them to keep hope alive. 

Today I write children's picture books and help others to write theirs.  To read more please click below...

My books 

When you buy a book we give back to children in need around the wold. 

These colorful picture books have been designed to speak love over your children. No matter what happens, that they are loved just the way they are.  Purpose, value, fun, never give up! 

Kings Charity Inc.

We provide resources for children and families around the world that help deep healthy identity, share positive core values and discover their life purpose. 


Tallow Whip

After years of searching for clean healthy natural products, we decided to make our own!

I wanted the healthiest products for me and my growing baby. During my first pregnancy, my husband Nick and I decided to create our own tallow whip. Inspired by incredible women, we discovered the goodness of tallow, crafted batches, and gifted them at our baby shower. The response was amazing, turning our little venture into a business we adore. Now, we happily use it on our baby girl. Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions! xoxo


Natwest Enterprise Award Finalist Gracie Wright
Silly Eric Summer Day Camp
Prince Charles asking for a Silly Eric book for his grandchildren.
Silly Eric & The Birthday Cake
The Prince's Trust Awards
Efazmahmed Ahmed, Ben Ainslie, Faye Savory, Gracie Wright
Photoshoot for album cover
Winner of Regional Celebrate Success Awards
Red Nose Day
World Book Day
Million Markers Atos Event
Ed Sheeran Street Child Catwalk Show
Surprise Christmas visit

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